Audition Tips:

​​1.  Attend the Audition Workshop

​2.  Fill out your application ahead of time:

​          - be honest

          - be flexible

          - mention any unique skills you may have (i.e., juggling, gymnastics, singing, etc.)

​3.  Own it!

​          - Have a loud voice and lots of energy

          - Wear something that stands out professionally

          - Slate:  Name, Age, Role of interest, Monologue

​          - Share what you bring to the table?

​Fleming's "5 C's" of Casting

Creativity:  unique voice, walk, tempo, delivery of a line

​Commitment: sticking to what you throw out there

​Collaboration:  work with who you are auditioning with

​Character:  come with one or two in mind

​Chemistry: timing with others

Panther Players Theater