​      ReACTion 2017-2018

       Syrit B                       Connor C                      Rory N

       Joaquin S                  Anthony S                    Channing M​              Arden O                     Mia L                             Ariana F

​       Mackie R ​                  Catalina M                     Zoe M

       Hari P                        Evan T                           Olivia W          


2017 One-Act Play

 Dark Road

ReACTion is a performance-based group selected by audition each spring for the following school year.  This group generally comprises the core of the U.I.L. One Act Play cast.

​    ReACTion 2016-2017

Tabitha B                  Katie B                    Katie B                   

Parker B                   Julia B                     Lilly C                       Geri D                       Nirvika D                 Grayson G

Haley G                     Ava H                     Avery J      

Izzy J                        Ana NB                   Arden O

Daniel P                   Casey P                  Cade R

Sadie S                                                    Abi T

Panther Players Theater 

ReACTion Audition Information

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last year's audition packet.  

Congratulations PHMS!

3rd Place - Denton Ryan OAP competition 

All Star Cast: Julia B

Hon Men All Star Cast: Ava H

Outstanding Technician: Nirvika D

Top 3 Advancing Play - FISD U.I.L. Zone

All Star Cast: Arden O

Hon Men All Star Cast:  Daniel P

Outstanding Technician: Casey P

FISD U.I. L. District Qualifier

All Star Cast:  Ava H

Hon Men All Star Cast:  Julia B

Outstanding Technician:  Casey P